(also known as NRA Action Match)

This discipline combines the skills of shooting both accurately and fast, whilst starting with a holstered pistol.  Action Pistol is administered in Australia by  Pistol Australia. 
There are State, National and World Championships in Action Pistol with the most famous match known as the  NRA Bianchi Cup, which is the USA National Championship.

Pistols for the Action Pistol Match

Action Pistol is dominated by 1911 Colt style semi-autos in .38 Super and 9mm, however revolvers in .38 Special are also popular due to their reliability and cost.  Service pistols and IPSC Standard Division pistols can be easily modified for the Action match by simply fitting a mount and scope, or you may compete in the Metallic Sight category.  Production class is currently being trialed in matches around the countly and should be popular due to the reduced costs and the 'even playing field' of non-modified guns.

For the Action Match the pistol is carried in a holster which must safely retain the pistol and cover the trigger.  Shooters are required to hold a current PA Holster Accreditation card.


As per the Club Calendar on most Sundays at which competitors can shoot two of the four events.  Matches on Saturday and/or Sunday which are colour-coded beige on the calendar will comprise all four events (Practical, Barricades, Plates and Mover).  Several Open Competitions are held during the year and scores from these matches are used to select the NT Team for the Action Pistol Nationals.

All matches commence at 8.30am


The Action Pistol Discipline Rep position is currently vacant.