Metallic Silhouette is a match of 40 shots fired at steel targets, profiled in the shape of chickens, pigs, turkeys and rams, set on steel rails in two banks of five.  Time allowance is two minutes for each bank of five. This discipline rewards shooters for good technique and consistency

Silhouette sizes and distances vary.  High power silhouettes are life size, but are shot at much longer distances than scaled down small bore targets. All matches are shot to International rules.

The Darwin Pistol Club currently shoots matches in 100m .22, Field Pistol and Big Bore Centre Fire.  ISSF rimfire pistols qualify for the .22 matches.

Disabled wheel chair athletes find they are able to participate in Metallic Silhouette.


Sunday morning commencing at 8.30am (except when major competitions require the use of Range One)


Metallic Silhouette Discipline Representative is Bill Grimster – Ph: 0414 311 995